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Miami Herald

Text hereFirst published in1903, the Miami Herald is a newspaper whose circulation area includes Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties in South Florida . Winner of 19 Pulitzer Prizes, it is Internationally known for award-winning investigative reporting; insightful coverage of Latin America and the Caribbean and groundbreaking use of interactive and multimedia for breaking news It’s readership is 648,400 daily and 958,600 Sunday.

In a recent conversation with Travis Farrell and Harry Rai, we discussed how EnterpriseSCHEDULE has been used to automate applications on their Windows 2003 servers. They first discussed jobs that are used to automate the auditing process using SQL queries on a remote Server 2003 server. They mentioned that this saves them from the day to day routine of manually running audits.

“We like it a lot, it does everything we want it to”

- Miami Herald

Some of the jobs that Travis and Harry administer are triggered by file dependencies, waiting for the exiostence of a file on remote HP mainframes. When these files are written, the scheduler checks for them and the job is released and submitted. They also use the scheduler to automate the FTPing of files and for the submission of macro functions.

When asked what their opinion of the scheduler was, Travis and Harry said “We like it a lot, it does everything we want it to”. They were happy with the fact that they rarely had to make support inquiries but were very happy with the support they receive. Their reply when asked what they like the most about EnterpriseSCHEDULE they replied “We don’t have any problems with the software”.